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1. Access
As a client of Seguro Storage you have access to your belongings any time you want. But there are a few security measures to pass before you
can reach them, because we don’t want anybody to get in easily, off course. You have 24/7 access to the premises by using your electronic
proximity tag. Our office is only manned on demand and on appointment.
For the security of our customers ánd their belongings we want to know who is in the building, at all times. Therefore we have several cameras in
the premises recording at all time and accessible for us at all time online.

2. Unload your car inside
Once you’re in, you have access to the premises with one of the three keys of the certified padlock. When you want to bring belongings to your
storage unit, it is always possible to get in with your car by appointment. This is due to security and insurance reasons. On the ground floor almost
every storage unit can be reached by car to unload your goods. Please ask us to open the docking door by making an appointment for it. Because
of security measures it’s not possible to open it yourself, but we are happy to open it for you. As soon as you are inside with your car, we will close
it again and off course when you have finished the job we will open the door for you again. When you don’t need to get in by car, we offer plenty of
parking space just in front of our building.

3. Shared unit
When you are renting a so-called shared unit, you don’t possess your own padlock. One of our employees will accompany you to the premises,
with the storage-list to keep it up to date. When you forgot to take your copy of the list with you, there won’t be a problem. We’ll just provide you a
duplicate and together we will bring it up to date.

4. Just to be sure…
Several times a day we make a round through the building to ensure that every storage unit is properly closed and locked. If you incidentally forgot
to lock your unit after paying a visit, we will instantly give you a call. In consultation with you we can lock the unit with one of our own padlocks, but
you have to come back to lock it yourself with one of your three keys, because we don’t have a key for your padlock.

5. Access besides the normal opening hours
When you have reasons to pay a visit to your premises outside the normal opening hours (and it is not because of an emergency), please give us a
call during the opening hours and we will be happy to help you.


1. Communication

  •  You can call us at any time on 6 48 21 7474. We are only 15 minutes away.

2. Exit
The storage buildings of Seguro Storage are designed to be evacuated easily. The alleys between the storage units are wide, straight en
provided with exit-signs. In case of an emergency there will be an alarmsystem going off with a sound you can’t miss. When you hear this
sound, please follow the exit-signs, which indicate the shortest way to the exit.

3. Fire

  •  Stay calm
  •  Leave the building calmly, using the stairs and the closest exit door
  • Never use an elevator, for your own safety
  • Follow the exit-signs, they indicate the shortest way to the exit door

4. Do you want to pay us a visit.

We’re located at the Calle Mar del Norte, 18A in Balsicas.
From the direction of Alicante

  •  AP-7 in the direction of Carthagena
  •  Take the turn-off to the RM19: Balsicas Murcia
  • After about 8 kilometer take the turn-off to the RM-F22: Sucina-Avileses Torre-Pacheco
  • On the first roundabout to the left
  •  On the second roundabout to the left. Now you will enter the industrial site.
  •  On the third roundabout (with a big palmtree in the middle) again to the left.
  •  At the end of the street to the right and there we are.
  • From the direction of Murcia
    RM19 in the direction of San Javier
    Take the turn-off to the RM-F22: Sucina-Avileses Torre-Pacheco
  • At the end of the turn-off to the right
  • On the first roundabout to the left. Now you will enter the industrial site.
  • On the second roundabout (with a big palmtree in the middle) again to the left.
  • At the end of the street to the right and there we are.
  • From the direction of Cartagena
  • AP-7 in the direction of Alicante
  • Take the turn-off to the RM19: Balsicas Murcia
  • After about 8 kilometer take the turn-off to the RM-F22: Sucina-Avileses Torre-Pacheco
  • On the first roundabout to the left
  • On the second roundabout to the left. Now you will enter the industrial site.
  • On the third roundabout (with a big palmtree in the middle) again to the left.
  • At the end of the street to the right and there we are.


1. The storage buildings of Seguro Storage are opened 24/7 for existing customers that are renting a storage unit.
2. You have direct access to your storage unit(s.
3. Your certified padlock is strictly personal and can not be used by third parties, unless after consultation with one of our employees and after
being given permission by one of our employees.
4. It is not permitted to drive into the building directly behind a car in front of you, without explicit permission from an employee of Seguro
5. Inside of the storage building there is a speedlimit of 5 km/h.
6. The inside of the storage building is a non-smoking area.
7. The attendance register is stored permanently in the computersystem of Seguro Storage. Beside it video-recordings are being made in and
around the storage building. Seguro Storage uses this information exclusively in cases of emergency or in cases of breaches of the Rules
and Regulations or clauses in the contract.
8. The hirer has the responsibility to keep the storage unit clean. An employee of Seguro Storage will check the unit when the contract is
ended. The hirer is also responsible to remove dirt and rubbish. It is not permitted to leave any type of rubbish, packing material etc. in the
building. Breaches of this rules will be fined with € 25,00 minimum.
9. a. Individual unit:
Only the hirer is responsible for a correct locking of the storage unit, such with a certified padlock of the kind which iwill be
provided by Seguro Storage. The use of a second lock of any kind is not allowed.
b. Shared unit:
Seguro Storage is responsible for a correct locking of the storage unit, such with a certified padlock of the kind which is provided
by Seguro Storage. The use of a second lock of any kind is not allowed.
During the normal hours of access the Client has access to the premises, escorted by an employee of Seguro Storage. When the
premises are put into use a employee of Seguro Storage, in the presence of the hirer, will make a list in duplicate of all the goods
or products which are stored. With every visit of the client to the storage unit this list is to be brought up to date. An undersigned
copy of the list will be provided to the hirer, the other remains at the office of Seguro Storage.
10. If you’ve lost a key for the certified padlock, it is not possible to make a duplicate of it. Replacement of a lost key cost 28,00 euro
11. Termination of the contract ought to be done in writing minimally one week prior to the intended termination. After the complete removal of
the stored goods or products and after the removal of the padlock a employee of Seguro Storage can terminate the contract.
12. Questions can always be put at the store manager of Seguro Storage.
13. When third parties, among whom official authorities of any kind, with or without the right to have access to the premises, procures access to
the premises, Seguro Storage does not carry any responsibility.
14. You, the hirer, declares to be fully informed of the emergency procedures.


Scope and definition
These general conditions apply to all rental agreements between Seguro Storage SL,
hereinafter referred to as: “Seguro Storage”, established in Balsicas, Calle Mar del Norte, 18A on the one hand and lessees, hereinafter referred
to as: “the Client” of Self Storage space, storage space, hereinafter referred to as: “the Premises”, in Spain on the other hand; the Self Storage
agreement (rental agreement) hereinafter referred to as: “the agreement”.

The provisions contained in these general conditions may only be deviated from if, and in so far as, this is expressly agreed in writing.
Where reference is made in these general conditions to the “supply (of goods)”, this is also taken to mean the provision of services and work of
whatever nature.

Article 1. Rent, Rent adjustments and Deposit
1.1 The rent mentioned in articles A and C of the self storage agreement will remain unchanged during the entire rental period.
1.2 Seguro Storage will not adjust the rent. Not even with the annual IPC.
1.3 Failure to either pay the rent or pay in good time will entitle Seguro Storage to impose an immediate penalty of fifteen percent (15%) of the
arrears due with a minimum of Euro 12.50 per month or part thereof, plus the statutory interest on both the principal sum and the penalty from
the date that the amounts became due up to the day that they are paid in full. The client does not have access to the Premises and the stored
goods or products, as long as the rent is not paid, until the rent (plus the costs as mentioned in this article) has been paid.
1.4 Refunds of the rent or expenses are not possible under any circumstances.
1.5 The Client will not have to pay a (cash) deposit before the start of the first rental period.
Article 2. Purpose and Use
2.1 The Premises may only be used as storage space. The Client is not permitted to use the Premises for any other purpose without prior
permission in writing from Seguro Storage. The Client will use and maintain the Premises with due diligence in accordance with its intended use
and the Rules and Regulations established by Seguro Storage. The Client is also obliged to properly secure the Rented Premises at all times
and to keep them clean and free of rubbish.
2.2 The Client is familiar with the Premises and has examined or inspected them to ensure that they are suitable for the legal and agreed purpose
and use. Seguro Storage expressly provides no guarantees and accepts no liability whatsoever for the legal and agreed purpose and use.
2.3 The Client will conduct himself in accordance with the provisions of the law and the local bye-laws as well as usual practises concerning leasing
and rental and the regulations of the authorities, the utility companies and insurers.
2.4 The Client declares that neither he, nor third parties present on his behalf will cause hindrance or nuisance on the Premises, the complex of
which the Premises form a part or to third parties. In any event, hindrance of nuisance is taken to mean exceeding noise levels as are included in
the following Spanish law; la Ley del Ruido 37/2003 from November the 17th and the local laws and regulations.
2.5 The Client is obliged to use the Premises in such a way as to prevent damage of any kind to the environment and so that no such damage can
reasonably be expected to arise and is obliged to take sufficient precautionary measures to prevent such environmental damage.
2.6 The Client is not permitted:

  •  To store or have toxic, flammable or hazardous substances or goods liable to decay or living goods on the Premises;
  •  To store or have jewellery, furs, works of art, collections or irreplaceable objects with an emotional or special value on the Premises;
  • To use the Premises in a way that is in conflict with criminal or customs statutory provisions, including (but not limited to) the storage of weapons, explosives, drugs or other substances that come under the Opium Act, contraband, stolen or received goods, illegally importedgoods etc.;
  • To connect electrical appliances on the Premises without prior permission in writing from Seguro Storage;
  • To sell and/or hire goods and/or provide services from the Premises;
  • To use the Premises as a workplace;
  • To install goods in or on the Premises without prior permission in writing from Seguro Storage;
  • To carry out any commercial activity in or from the Premises;
  • To establish domicile or base a business in the Premises.

2.7 The storage of goods or products with Seguro Storage comes under Spanish (environment) laws. Without prejudice to that which is specified in
article 2.6, the Client is not permitted to store the following specified goods or products in the Premises:

  • Waste products, including animal and hazardous waste products;
  •  Live animals or goods liable to decay;
  • Asbestos and/or crocidolite (blue asbestos);
  • Gas bottles and/or batteries
  • Fireworks
  • Car- and/or motorcycle wrecks (the storage of cars and/or motorcycles that are not wrecks is permitted on condition that a protective tray or mat that has been approved by Seguro Storage is placed under the car and/or motorcycle to prevent leaking oil from harming the environment. In addition, the fuel in fuel tanks intended for this purpose must be kept to a minimum;
  • Hazardous substances or preparations, such as: Explosive substances and preparations, such as aerosol cans (including air fresheners, hair spray, car paint, varnish and car windscreen de-icer); sprays and (liquid) gases such as LPG, hydrogen, acetylene, propane and butane; fireworks; Oxidizing substances and preparations such as hydrogen and other peroxides, chlorates, strong saltpetre and perichloric acids; (Highly) flammable substances and preparations such as paraffin, petrol, methylated spirits, turpentine, white spirit, acetone, paint, window de-icer, air fresheners, contact and neoprene adhesive;  (Highly) toxic substances and preparations such as methanol, stain removers, pesticides;
  • Harmful substances and preparations, such as cleaning products, paint thinners, wood preservatives, paint removers;
  • Corrosive substances and preparations such as agents for unblocking waste pipes, decalcifiers, corrosive soda, strong acids, cleaningproducts such as oven and wc cleaners;
  • Irritant substances and preparations;
  • Sensitizing substances and preparations;
  • Carcinogenic substances and preparations;
  • Mutagenic substances and preparations;
  • Substances and preparations toxic to reproduction;
  • Environmentally hazardous substances and preparations such as CFCs, PCBs and PCTs; pesticides and heavy metals such as mercury inthermometers, cadmium and zinc from batteries, lead and copper;
  • Pest and herbicides

Article 3. The Premises and their availability
3.1 The Premises are made available and accepted in the condition as indicated in the certified description that forms part of the agreement or, if this is
missing, in the condition in which they were at the start of the agreement: in good condition without defects and in a good state of cleanliness.
3.2 Seguro Storage is entitled to allocate different premises for hire to the Client at its own expense and the Client is obliged to cooperate in this.
3.3 If the Premises are not available on the agreed starting date because they have not been prepared in time, the previous user has not vacated the
Premises in time or because Seguro Storage has not yet acquired the licences from the authorities that it is obliged to, the Client is not liable for
the payment of any rent or compensation relating to additional supplies and services up to the date on which the Premises are made available to
the Client and all other obligations and the agreed time limit for the Client will also be adjusted accordingly.
3.4 Seguro Storage is not responsible for any damage or loss that the Client may suffer as a result of the delay, unless it can be established that
Seguro Storage has shown serious neglect or substantial culpability in this matter.
Article 4. Subletting
4.1 The Client is not permitted to sublet the Premises, let on or allow them to be used, or jointly used, wholly or in part by third parties, in any way
whatsoever without written, prior approval from Seguro Storage.

Article 5. Defects, liability and damage
5.1 The Premises have a defect if, given their condition or due to a feature or some other circumstance that is not attributable to the Client, the Client is
not afforded the benefits that were expected at the commencement of the agreement.
At the start of the agreement Seguro Storage is only obliged to inform the Client of defects of which Seguro Storage is aware, when Seguro Storage is
aware that they are detrimental to the suitability of the Premises
5.2 consequential losses, due to defects that Seguro Storage was unaware of and could not be expected to be aware when entering the
5.3 Subject to that stated in articles 5.1 and 5.2, Seguro Storage acknowledges no liability concerning the legal and contractual purpose and the
use of the Premises, nor with regard to storage, supervision or security. THE CLIENT IS AND REMAINS SOLELY RESPONSIBLE FOR
5.4 Seguro Storage is not responsible for the consequences of inspections or controls by the authorities in or on the Premises. These
consequences are taken to include any damage to goods stored and/or hardware and/or fittings. The Client is liable to Seguro Storage at all
times for all damage that Seguro Storage may suffer as a result of these controls and inspections.
5.5 If the Client, having been given notice of default by Seguro Storage as is fitting and necessary, fails to comply with the provisions in the
agreement and/or these General Conditions of Delivery, the Client will be liable for the immediate forfeit of a penalty to Seguro Storage of
Euro 250.- per day for each day that the Client remains in default. The right of Seguro Storage to full compensation is not prejudiced by this.
In applying article 1.4 of these General Conditions of Delivery the penalty referred to in article 5.5 will not be applied for the same default.
5.6 The Client is liable to Seguro Storage for all damage and losses to the Premises and/or the complex that the Premises belong to and/or to the
property of third parties, unless the Client can demonstrate that neither he, the persons that he has admitted to the Premises, his personnel
nor the persons for whom he is responsible are not at fault in the matter.
5.7 The Client indemnifies Seguro Storage from claims, liabilities and/or fines that may be imposed on Seguro Storage by third parties, including
the authorities, resulting from the behaviour or negligence by the Client and/or persons that the Client has admitted to the Premises and/or
the Client’s personnel and/or persons for whom the Client is responsible when using the Premises and/or the complex that the Premises
belong to.
5.8 Seguro Storage is not responsible for damage to the person or property of the Client or third parties – and the Client indemnifies Seguro
Storage against such claims by third parties – due to the occurrence and the consequences of: visible and unseen defects in the Premises
or the building or complex which the Premises belongs to; weather conditions; congested access to the Premises; failures in the provision
of gas, water, electricity, heating, ventilation or air conditioning; malfunction of the installations and appliances; ingress or emission of
gasses or liquids; fire, explosion and other incidents; disturbances to the Premises and disturbances or defects in the supplies and services
or damage arising from the loss, theft or damage to goods, vandalism, damp, formation of mould, rust, lightening strikes and/or rodent
5.9 Seguro Storage is not responsible for the Client’s direct or indirect consequential losses or damage resulting from the activities of other clients
or hindrance in the use of the Premises caused by third parties.

Article 6. Maintenance and repairing defects
6.1 The Client will take all measures to prevent damage to the Premises, the complex to which the Premises belong and the property of third
6.2 The Client will notify Seguro Storage in writing of any defects to the Premises without delay. Seguro Storage has a reasonable period of at
least two (2) weeks – with the exception of disasters – after receipt of notification, to start on the repairs to a defect that Seguro Storage is
liable for.
6.3 Seguro Storage may carry out or have carried out works and investigations made on or in the Premises or the building or complex of which the
Premises forms a part, or on adjacent properties in the context of maintenance, repairs and renewal, including the provision of extra
facilities and changes or works necessary in connection with (environmental) requirements, government measures or the needs of utility
companies or other bodies authorized for this purpose.
6.4 Renovation and/or maintenance activities to or on the Premises or to the building or complex of which the Premises forms a part cannot be
constituted as being in default, even if these activities constitute a temporary hindrance or limitation to the full use of the Premises. The
Client will tolerate maintenance activities and renovation to the Premises or the building or complex of which the Premises forms a part, and
enable Seguro Storage to carry out these works without entitlement to a reduction in the rent or other payment obligations, whole or partial
dissolution of the agreement and/or compensation.
6.5 Seguro Storage is always entitled to decide to have the repairs to the Premises carried out by a contractor that Seguro Storage may choose at
the Client’s expense. The Client agrees in advance to pay the invoices for the repairs within seven (7) days of their being sent.
Article 7. Access
7.1 The Client will have access to the Premises 24/7, in accordance with the Rules and Regulations determined by Seguro Storage. Seguro
Storage is not responsible for any temporary technical malfunction that may hinder this access.
7.2 Without prejudice to that which is specified in article 7.3, Seguro Storage and/or any persons designated by Seguro Storage may only enter
the Premises with the prior permission of the Client. In emergencies Seguro Storage and/or any persons designated by Seguro Storage are
entitled to enter the Premises without permission, and if necessary outside the normal opening times by forcing entry. Emergencies are
here taken to include sudden defects that require urgent repair.
7.3 Upon the request of controlling, examining and/or supervisory (public) authorities Seguro Storage has the right to grant itself and these
authorities access to the Premises at any time. Seguro Storage accepts no liability for actually gaining access to the Premises itself and/or
via third parties, including controlling, examining and/or supervisory (public) authorities, with or without legal claim.
7.4 Seguro Storage is entitled to deny the Client access to the Premises and/or remove all bolts, locks and other security installations if the
Client fails to observe or observe correctly (one) of his obligations and/or if Seguro Storage suspects that these will not be observed or
observed correctly. Seguro Storage is specifically entitled to deny the Client access to the storage space in cases of non-payment.
7.5 Seguro Storage has the right to suspend the electronic 24/7 access of the Client in case he fails to fulfil his payment obligations. Access will
be restored after the Client fulfilled his obligations.

Article 8. Payment and (extra) judicial expenses of procedures
8.1 The rent should be paid in Euros via direct debit to a bank account specified by Seguro Storage, in any event prior to the supply of the goods in
question and before the first of the month stating the reference number given on the invoice, unless as mentioned in article 8.2, something to the
contrary has been expressly agreed in writing. When paying by bank or Post Office Giro the day on which the Seguro Storage bank account is
credited will count as the day of payment.
8.2 When entering into a rental agreement the Client should make the first rent payment at the start of the next month and only after Seguro Storage
sent the first invoice by email or provided in hard copy.
8.3 If the Client is negligent or remains so, in complying with any obligation to which he is subject under law, local bye-laws, customs, the agreement
and/or these General Conditions of Delivery, Seguro Storage is entitled to cancel the agreement and/or to demand extrajudicial dissolution of the
agreement and to expect to be fully compensated. Seguro Storage regards the agreement as been cancelled after the rent not has been fully
paid retroactive by the Client up to the level that the total value of the overdue payment of the rent exceeds the total value of the storage goods
or in case of a total overdue amount that matches 6 months of rent. Seguro Storage is obliged to notify the Client that the agreement has been
terminated. (See also Art. 9.3 for the consequences.) by phone call, WhatsApp or email.
8.4 Seguro Storage has the right to terminate the rental agreement and to confiscate the contents that are stored in the premises, in case the Client
fails to fulfil his payment obligations, from the moment the value of the total owed rents exceed the (insured) value of the content of the storage
unit. The Client has no right to claim anything afterwards. After confiscation the contents of the unit will be handed over to a local charity
organization for it to sell and for its own benefit.
8.5 If Seguro Storage is forced to demand annulment, as referred to in the previous clause or in order to compel compliance with this agreement,
including the collection of any rent arrears, expenses, fines or other amounts for which the Client is liable by reason of the agreement, then the
Client is liable for all costs that Seguro Storage incurs both judicial and extrajudicial. The extrajudicial costs are set at fifteen percent (15%) of the
principal sum of the maximum arrears at any time plus the statutory interest, with a minimum of Euro 1500.-. Furthermore, the Client remains
obliged to fully compensate Seguro Storage for the costs of legal assistance.

Article 9. End of the agreement
9.1 At the end of the agreement the Client is obliged to hand over the Premises to Seguro Storage in their original condition – which is either the
condition which was recorded in the certified description made at the commencement of the agreement, as mentioned in article 3 or, in the
absence of a certified description, in good condition – with the exception of normal wear and tear, completely vacated and free of user rights and
in a good state of cleanliness.
9.2 Upon ending the agreement the Client is obliged to remove all objects that he has installed in or on the Premises having received prior permission
in writing from Seguro Storage or that he has taken over from the previous Client, at his own cost.
9.3 All items that the Client leaves in the Premises after ending the agreement, will be considered either have been transferred to Seguro Storage by
the Client or to be abandoned as decides by Seguro Storage and without prejudice to the right of Seguro Storage to have these objects removed
at the Client’s cost. The Client remains fully liable for all damage arising from leaving these items in the Premises. If the Client remains in default
Seguro Storage is entitled to settle the financial damage using the guarantee as described in article 1.6. and 8.3. If this settlement does not cover
the existing financial damage, the Client remains in default.
Article 10. Notifications, change of address
10.1 From the starting date of the agreement Seguro Storage will send all notifications to the Client concerning the implementation of the agreement to
the Client’s address.
10.2 The Client is obliged to inform Seguro Storage in writing if the Client should move and/or change address.
Article 11. Applicable law and competent judge
11.1 Disputes concerning the agreement will be settled by the competent Spanish judge.
11.2 The agreement is subject to Spanish law exclusively.

Article 12. Acts of God
12.1 Acts of God are taken to include, any circumstance beyond the control of Seguro Storage whose nature is such that compliance with the
agreement cannot be reasonably asked of Seguro Storage (non culpable defects in compliance). Acts of God are also taken to include: war, riots
and hostilities of whatever nature, blockades, boycotts, natural disasters, epidemics, shortage of basic materials, impediments and disruption of
transport, breakdowns in our company, import and export restrictions or prohibitions, hindrance resulting from measures, legislation or decrees
issued by international, national and regional (government) authorities. If Seguro Storage is unable to fulfil its duty to release, or cannot do this
adequately or in good time due to Acts of God, Seguro Storage is entitled to consider the agreement or the part thereof that has not been
fulfilled, as being annulled, or to suspend it for a specified or indefinite period, with Seguro Storage being able to choose which. The Client is not
entitled to compensation from Seguro Storage in cases of Acts of God. If God himself violates are terms we will drag him to a court of law.

Article 13. Final provisions
13.1 If a part of the agreement including these General Conditions of Delivery should be invalid or voidable, this will not hinder or impede the validity
of the remaining parts of the agreement including these General Conditions of Delivery. Instead of the invalid or voidable part, the closest
equivalent to this that is legally acceptable and to which the parties would have agreed, had they been aware of the invalid or voidable part, will
be taken as being agreed to and applicable.
13.2 Seguro Storage is entitled to change the General Conditions of Delivery. The Client will be informed of the changes in writing by registered mail
and will be considered to be in agreement, unless the Client has informed Seguro Storage to the contrary within six (6) weeks of receipt of the
registered letter. In the case of changes being proposed to the General Conditions of Delivery, the Client is entitled to prematurely cancel the
agreement as of the starting date for the modified General Conditions of Delivery and in any event during a period six (6) weeks of being
informed of the changes.


Seguro Storage can insure, by request, the goods or products of the Client on the account of the Client, at the insurance company Zurich Pymes with
the conditions which are taken together below. The full insurance policy may be seen at the offices of Seguro Storage.
The responsibility of Seguro Storage for loss or theft of the Client’s goods or products are exclusively settled in the General Conditions which are an
integral part of the self-storage agreement.
1. Warrant
Loss or damage of the goods or products, which are stored in the premises of Seguro Storage, as a result of one of the below mentioned
occasions (and with the exclusion of every other);
fire, strike of lightning, explosion, storm, burst of pipe, theft after burglary or with violence, damage
through malevolence, impact of vehicles.
2. Insured capital
The insured capital amounts to no more than € 50.000,00 except for written statements from the insurer or Seguro Storage. The premium is to
be paid in advance and always before the first day of the month, simultaneously with the rent. There will only be coverage after the premium has
been paid.
3. Documents
In case of loss, destruction or damage of documents will compensation be limited by the insured amount, which the client had indicated and had
been accepted by the insurer or Seguro Storage. The compensation represents the costs of reprinting, republishing and/or recompiling of the
documents, research, if any, of essential information included.
4. Under insurance
The client is responsible for the consequences of under insurance. The client who has not effected an insurance which covers the complete
value of his/her goods or products, only has the right to claim a percentage of the value conformably the indicated value in proportion to the total
value of the goods or products.
5. Clause of pairs and wholes
The insurance company compensates only the lost or damaged elements of the goods or products, which are forming a pair of a part of a whole.
Elements that are not damaged will not be compensated.
6. Term of report
Every case of damage or loss must be reported at Seguro Storage directly after loss or damage has been detected, either when the goods or
products are unpacked or not, and before they are removed from the building.
7. Own risk
Per case of damage or loss will there be no compensation for the first € 150,00. The own risk of the client amounts
€ 150,00.
8. Exclusions
Warranties will not be given for the following goods or products:
1. Jewels, gold, watches, precious stones, amounts of money, coins, stocks and shares, bonds, stamped paper of any kind, documents of
value of any kind
2. Loss and/or damage caused by growing old, filthiness, gradual deterioration (including the deterioration of the content of deep-freezes),
damp, mould, rust, atmospheric and weatherconditions, mites, insects and/or vermin, own defects, leaking of liquids from a tank or
3. Living animals, fur, perfumes, tobacco, cigars, cigarettes, wine (valued more than € 20,00 a bottle) alcoholic spirits and similar spirits,
explosives, mobile phones.
4. Trouble and/or interference of any kind and mechanical and/or electrical damage of an electrical object of any kind.
5. Loss of information and/or registration of information except for the blank carrier of information.
6. The consequences of the following occasions: war, invasion, acts of foreign enemies, hostile (with or without a declaration of war) civil war,
rebellion, revolution, revolt or usurpation by military of civil authorities.
7. Indirect damage irrespectively of its kind or description.
8. Loss and/or damage caused by theft, except when it is connected to burglary or violent trespassing of the building and/or the premises.
9. Confiscation or seizure of goods or products by official authorities or the customs.
10. Loss or damage as a result of:
a. Ionizing radiation or contamination with radioactivity coming from nuclear fuel or combustion of nuclear fuel.
b. Ionizing, toxic, explosive or other dangerous qualities of an explosive nuclear whole or of a nuclear component which forms a part
of such a whole.
c. War based on the use of weapons, atomic or nuclear fusion or radio-active reaction or power of any kind.
11. Loss, destruction or damage caused directly by shockwaves caused by an aeroplane or other aircraft that moves with the speed of sound or
12. Damage of goods or products caused by acts of terrorism or caused by acts of any person(s) with a political motivation.
13. Goods or products which are insured according to the statements of other insurance contracts


As a client of Seguro Storage, your personal information, trusted to us, will be registered in a database, which is the property of Seguro Storage
SL, Calle Mar del Norte 18A, 30591 Balsicas.
Your personal information is stored in an environment that is secured according to the obtained regulations, with the use of security measures
and procedures.
You have the right to look into your personal information which is registered in our database and when necessary you are entitled to ask for
correction of this information.
We will use the personal information of the registration of our clients for market studies and (individualised) information- and
promotioncampaigns of our products and services.
When you explicitly state that you don’t want to receive this information, we will not send you any (individualised) information or promotion.
(Individualised) information or promotion by fax, email and SMS/MMS will you receive exclusively when you have stated that you want to receive
You can always change your (possible) preferences at our office.
We hold the right to provide your personal information, when this is necessary to extort our rights or to safeguard or when a statutory obligation
makes it necessary.


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